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Melatonin: Benefits and Uses. Dr. Mercola.

Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland.  It regulates the circadian rhythm and thus sleep.

Try making sure there is no light in your bedroom and no EMF’s from devices when sleeping.

Keep the bedroom just for sleeping both cool and dark.

Try all the natural ways to boost your levels of melatonin before trying a supplement.

Excellent advice as always.

Frankincense Has Been Proven to be a Psychoactive Antidepressant. Waking Times.

Always have a bottle near you not only for the peaceful, restful qualities it brings about but also the other bonuses like helping with nausea, coughs and even keeping the mosquitoes away.

Brilliant.  Make sure to try to get organic.

The difference is worth the extra money.

The Top 5 Censored News Stories of 2018. Waking Times.

This is Project Censored.

The top 5 include disturbing revelations on surveillance and human rights almost totally ignored by the msm.

Check them out.

A Soft Promise of Light Breaks Through. Soren Dreier. David Icke.

Creating a healing space within the noise of a world gone mad.

The Mock Democracy. David Icke.

Spells it out well.

Until we see what is happening we are caught up in the illusion.

The Bitter Price of Tropical Fruits. Dr. Mercola.

The bitter truth.

Buy organic and make sure that you know the provenance of where and how the fruits were grown, especially pineapples.

Permaculture is the sustainable answer.

Not an iPad in sight – Woodland nursery shows children as young as two how to build fires and use KNIVES bucking the trend for letting technology entertain kids. David Icke.

‘Murdered’ by austerity: how Tory cuts have caused physical and mental harm. Welfare Weekly.

This is Dr. Chris Grover bravely speaking out.

The damage, the harm and the pain is incalculable.

Sadly, they knew exactly what they were and are doing.

Universal credit is bringing more hardship and homelessness.

Be prepared in your community to counter it.

Sauna Use Four Times Per week Slashes Heart Disease. Dr. Mercola.

Very pertinent article with a great deal of practical hints to start safely.

Highly recommended.

Esteemed Heart Surgeon Blows the Lid Off the Big Pharma Statin Drug Scam. Waking Times.


This brave surgeon is Dr. Dwight Lundell.

He had 25 years of practice and finally admitted that lowering cholesterol wasn’t the problem but reducing inflammation in the body is key.

Eat organic, real food and the cholesterol takes care of itself.

A quarter of adult Americans are on statin medication.

Eventually the scam creating billions for the statin industry will cease.

Too many people know the simple truth.

You are what you eat.