Monthly Archives: October 2018

A State of Everythingness. Soren Dreier. David Icke.

Very helpful.

Peter Ford Responds to the UK Foreign Office Cabal on Syria. 21st Century Wire.

Kudos, Peter, bravely speaking out.

Another insider they do not want you to hear.

Link for the film Zeitgeist in the comments in case you missed it.

Tucker Carlson VS Cenk UYGUR from the Young Turks. Politicon. MUST WATCH!

Improve Your Health by Optimizing Your Circadian Rhythm. Dr. Mercola.

Very timely article as the clocks go back in the UK.

A thorough explanation of all that contributes to a healthy, optimized Circadian rhythm – sleep, intermittent fasting and sunlight exposure while limiting the blue lights of electronic devices in the evening.

Max Igan. Life – It’s About the Journey.

School ‘placed boy pupil, 15, in isolation for two days facing the wall because of a short haircut even though it was a standard length trim for a black male’. David Icke.

2 days isolation for what?

What was the crime the child committed?

The ‘nurture base’ sounds even more worrying.

Why are children penalized if the parents cannot afford the expensive school uniform?

I have a solution, just do away with the uniforms…

Orion’s Door into ‘All Hallow’s Eve’. (Part 1.) David Icke.

Very unpleasant how symbols of death are everywhere.

Especially unsettling for children.

SYRIA EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Beeley Meets the White Helmets and Armed Group Leader in Dara’a Al Balad. 21st Century Wire.

What a scoop!

He so wanted to give a good performance for the western press that he completely implicated himself.

Congratulations, Vanessa, on incredible reporting.

VIDEO: JoyCamp Presents ‘Conspiracy Guy: QAnon’. 21st Century Wire.

Congress Should End US Military Participation in Saudis’ War in Yemen. Common Dreams.

This is now a distinct possibility with feelings riding high after the barbaric murder of Kashoggi.

The barbaric murder of 5 million Yemenis would be halted as well.

Can you contact your representative to see this comes about?