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Cringe: Watch what happens when ‘social justice warriors’ are asked the most basic questions. David Icke.

Basic means really, really basic…..


Dumbed down, anyone?

Honest Government Ad|Visit Timor-Leste! The Juice Media.

Freeing Your Children From Military Prison in the West Bank. Robert Inlakesh. 21st Century Wire.

With so much emphasis – and rightly so – on Gaza we must not forget the shocking conditions the Palestinians in the West Bank suffer from.

None more than the children and particularly male youths.

An excellent account of the continual illegal harassment and imprisonment for no cause and without any evidence…

Then to gain freedom they have to come up with extortionate amounts of money – impossible for most families.

If you can help please do.

And please share this article and ask your MP about this appalling situation.

Pesticides Compound Antibiotic Resistance. Dr. Mercola.

Not good news.

The EU is reducing antibiotic use in animals but this may be too little and too late.

It is the herbicide use and reaction that is creating far more antibiotic resistance and this link han’t really been explored.

A tsunami is coming…

Go organic and use natural medicines as much as possible.


What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves?


via What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves?

Sunday Wire: Episode #254 – ‘American Gothic’ with guest Gilad Atzmon and more. 21st Century Wire.

Excellent segment with Gilad on Jewish power.

Forget the 80 Million, Start with One – wonderful, inspiring story.

US Holds Thousands of Syrian Refugees Hostage. David Icke.

This might come as a surprise to Americans – exactly how appalling the illegal behaviour of their military and government is.

Especially if the only news is that of the lamestream media.

Child Sex Trafficking – The CIA, Deep State and Satanism. David Icke.

The first article of a series exposing this huge sewer beginning with Pizzagate.

Scandal of the autistic youngsters locked in solitary confinement: Hundreds of children held in appalling conditions and routinely abused in secluded and padded-cells. David Icke.

Shocking beyond words.

These are sensitive and very vulnerable children being milked as a resource by greedy hedge funds.

This needs to be changed like yesterday and the children and their families given generous compensation and rehoused within their families and communities.

A blot on this nation…