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How many people are on psychiatric drugs?

And the doses for the drugs for children for ADHD have to increased as they grow and they become used to them and they no longer ‘work’ – except they didn’t in the first place.

Parents – wake up and get angry and get your kids off these – pronto!

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Socialism equals triumph for corporate criminals

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Why medically caused deaths continue to be ignored

The dominoes are falling…

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Glyphosate in Cereal: Monsanto Weedkiller Found in These Brands. Dr. Axe.

Boycott these brands and go organic.

Then suppliers will no longer use the oats with glyphosate and farmers will choose healthier ways to produce their products.


Skripals – When the BBC Hides the Truth. Craig Murray.


The incredible unraveling of the lies right before our very eyes.

Watch Craig’s space.

U.S. Gov’t Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit. YouTube.

UN experts call on UK to stop giving Saudi Arabia bombs to use in Yemen. David Icke.


Notice the UK will take?


What price human life over the money made for the few?

Exercise is the most powerful lifestyle medicine that prevents the development of various chronic diseases. Natural News.

The leg muscles are the most powerful in the body.

Walking is free and costs nothing except time.

Make time to walk, take the stairs and not the lift or escalator, go to the toilet upstairs and not the one nearest to you and go the long and scenic route.

Check out swimming as well.

Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals. David Icke.

Although this study was done in China, it has huge implications for the whole world as so many live in air polluted environments.

The loss really is huge, especially for the elderly.

And children and the unborn?

Censored film names Adam Milstein as Canary Mission Funder. David Icke.

This investigative work was done by Al Jazeera.