Monthly Archives: July 2018

UK judges no longer required to rule on removing life-support. David Icke.

This is in cases where the family and doctors agree.

David Icke Talk On Irish Radio – Full Must Listen Interview. YouTube.

Sunday Wire: Episode #243 – ‘Summer Purge’ with guests Renan Santos, Basil Valentine and more. 21st Century Wire.

A great segment on Facebook in Brazil with Renan Santos.

Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy for Heart Disease. Dr. Mercola.

Don’t be put off by this long complicated name.

This is a non-invasive, inexpensive therapy for much, much more than heart disease.

Spread the good news amongst your family and friends.

Israel’s Unchecked Killing Machine. David Icke.

America’s families take a stand to save lemonade stalls from the tyranny of health and safety culture. David Icke.


US shipped biowar materials to Iraq. Jon Rappaport. David Icke.


Why Was I Taught To Hate Myself? Max Igan. YouTube.

Kurds reach deal with Damascus to end Syria conflict. David Icke.

They realized they were only used for US ends and tossed away when no longer needed.

As is the wont of the US.

Citizens of Quebec File Class Action Suit Against EMF and RFR Producers. Natural Blaze.

Watch this with interest.

It will have impact on the roll-out of 5G.