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U.S. Forces Failed Attempts To Seize Territory in Southern Syria. U.S. Backed Al-Qaeda Fighters Fleeing From SAA Forces. Global Research.

Poverty and Deprivation in America. David Icke.

Russia’s filled with love and someone’s looking very silly. David Icke.

Fucoidan is an ideal polysaccharide to treat prostate cancer, new science shows. Natural News.

This is found in a seaweed.

Sadly, much is becoming contaminated with radiation throughout the world.

Why beavers could be the key to negating the effects of environmental pollution. Natural News.


Fans Share Their Impressions Of World Cup in Russia. YouTube.

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Robert Green :It is time to  publish the details of my initial false arrest

Good luck. You have such huge courage, Robert. We owe you a great debt.
Thank you.

Humanity’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: Starving, Torturing and Killing Our Children. Global Research.

As the cover-up continues there is panic beginning as the courageous whistleblowers and survivors speak out.

And are imprisoned for their pains.

Like Melanie Shaw.  See UK Column for the details.

Bombshell accusation: Hillary never had a State Department email address; all emails were sent to her at her private unsecured email

The dominoes continue to fall…

Max Igan – I Will Not Comply. David Icke.