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IDF launches Gaza military op after ‘a barrage of mortar shells’ fired towards Israel. David Icke.


Disproportionate response?


Anyone killed???

Except Palestinians and they don’t count…

Greater Israel Project. YouTube.

Fathi Harb Burnt himself to Death in Gaza. Will the World Notice? Jonathan Cook. Global Research.

Desperately tragic.

‘Israel turned Gaza into a prison’ v ‘international community in no position to lecture Israel’. David Icke.

Listen to both sides carefully and then make up your own mind.

Not too difficult….

America Again Programs the Energy of War in Memorial Day Weekend. David Icke.

Excellent article which clearly spells out the militaristic agenda and the servitude such a regime binds us all into.

Most people would dismiss this out of hand but when you are able to look beyond the propaganda and join the dots a very dark and disturbing pattern emerges.

Highly recommended.

Exercise Treats Addiction by Altering Brain’s Dopamine System. Natural Blaze.

New Utah Vaccine Law – Unvaccinated Students Will Be Expelled. Natural Blaze.

Live in Utah?

Sort this.

Florida did – so can you!

How the Media Portrays Black and White Drug Users Differently. Alternet.

Credible Report Alleges US Relocates ISIS From Syria and Iraq into Russia via Afghanistan. Strategic Culture Foundation.

Joining the dots.

The US will stop at nothing.

Sunday Wire – Episode #235: SPECIAL – Media on Trial LIVE with guests. 21st Century Wire.

This is truly explosive content.

Must listen for analysis by those who are far removed from the scene in Syria but with huge expertise.

The fact that the council in Leeds pulled the plug shows you this is explosive stuff.

And an Islamic venue hosted it – secretly.

Just what does that say about freedom of speech in 2018??