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Who is Really Mentally Ill? Dr. Kelly Brogan.


The Sins of Our Past Laid Bare. Common Dreams.

Slaves carried in British ships for British profit.

Lest we forget.

In ‘Huge Win for Pollinators, People and the Planet’, EU Bans Bee-Killing Pesticides. Common Dreams.


Come on, Americans, sort this out over there as well.

Your government won’t.

Human Rights Advocates Demand Worldwide Arms Embargo While Gaza Protests Continue. Common Dreams.

All military aid stopped until the occupation ceases and the siege of Gaza ends.

Nothing less.

And full justice and accountability for all the crimes against the Palestinians.

And all the Palestinians held in military jails without justice.

Especially the children.

I could go on…

SYRIA: Did UN Peace-Keeping Troops Send Syrian Soldiers to Certain Death in Occupied Golan Territories in 2012? 21st Century Wire.

The investigation at the end of May will hopefully reveal the truth and untangle the web.

Justice need to be done and those responsible, and not just those who carried it out, to be held accountable.

The whole story please.

‘No Attack, No Victims, No Chemical Weapons’: Douma Witnesses Testify to OPCW in The Hague. 21st Century Wire.

Citing ‘Conclusive Evidence’ of Explosives, Families of Victims File Petition to Re-Open 9/11 Investigation. Activist Post.

Much of the evidence was hauled away to China immediately in the aftermath.

Hopefully, there is enough that has come to light to establish the truth.

At last.

However, there will be very strong forces to try to guarantee this goes nowhere.

Tucker: Why YouTube’s alleged censorship matters. David Icke.

China bans journalist from buying home due to ‘social credit’ score system that punishes anyone who questions the state. David Icke.

And we give aid to China!

Big Propaganda Day. YouTube.