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Explosive: a review of fake medical tests

Basic vaccine lies in the world of fake news

And about time too.

Canadian MP Slams Israeli Mistreatment of Palestinian Children. David Icke.

Every MP every where needs to do this brave and courageous thing.

Unfortunately there will be severe backlash and her career destroyed….

But if thousands throughout the world did it then there would indeed be change.

Vaccine industry in PANIC MODE as *vaccinated* children keep dying from the flu all across America. Natural News.


The deaths of unborn children is totally appalling.

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will purchase 8,000 homes ‘immediately’ in major new policy to tackle homelessness. David Icke.

Good start along with getting local councils to use the homes that have been left empty for more than a year.

They already have these powers….

Evidence to Prove Moon Landings Were Real Goes Completely Missing. Waking Times.


Top 10 things progressive politicians should do to prove they’re progressive

Please send to every politician you know with the respectful request they implement this immediately.
Then watch for the excuses…

You will never look at life the same – you’ve been lied to. James Wildman. YouTube.

Revealed: Collapsed government contractor Carillion ran up debts and sold assets so could keep paying out £376 million of dividends to share holders. David Icke.

Well, I suggest we ask for it to be paid back.

How about it, government?

Conservatives Disability Policy. David Icke.

Spot on.