Monthly Archives: December 2017

Researchers Developing New Single Shot Vaccine, Bill Gates Eyes The Possibilities. Natural Blaze.

Anywhere is the safety of vaccines ever questioned?

Why not??

Shades of Suez and “Greater Israel” as Theresa May and Netanyahu Ignore UNSCR 2334 Pertaining to the Territorial Rights of Palestinians. Global Research.

Vital information to end this injustice.

More research confirms: There is definitely a link between autism and mercury. Natural News.

More and more research pouring in.

Where, oh where does this mercury come from??

Yup, you got it….

Twitter account of imprisoned Palestinian teenage girl Ahed Tamimi deleted. RT World News.


Price of 40-year-old cancer drug hiked 1,400% by new owners. CBS News.

Mission Accomplished Redux: Theresa May’s Claim of ‘Victory Over ISIS’ Doesn’t Square With Reality. 21st Century Wire.

My New Year’s Resolution. Dr. Kelly Brogan.

Very, very insightful.

How the Government’s plan for autonomous vehicles could be driving us towards a dystopian future. The Independent.

Death by Medicine a film by Gary Null. YouTube.

The great virus hoax in modern medicine

Thank you, Jon.