Monthly Archives: November 2017

UK’s first vending machine for homeless people launches. The Independent.

Well done, Nottingham.

A very innovative idea.

How about finding them homes as well?

The Best Speech Ever Yet by Any U.S. President. World Beyond War. YouTube.

Empower Palestinian Kids to Lead Positive Change. Global Giving.


Very, very encouraging.

Please support if you can.

We Are Living in Perilous Times – And Yet There is a Promising Movement Afoot. Alternet.

Want vaccine truth? Now you’re a Russian dupe. I’m serious.

Brilliant but many will believe “It’s the Russians” as it’s been pushed so hard for so long.

When the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission exposed its own secret

Hopefully, their arrogance will be their downfall…

Top reasons why the Trump dossier is not believable

Excellent. Nailed it, Jon!

Council proposes £1000 fines for homeless people sleeping in tents. The Guardian.

This is Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire which has had a very hard time over the past couple of decades.

To fine homeless people is exactly that, very, very cruel and callous as this MP says.

Far better to go the aiding route so that the homeless are offered homes as in Utah, and then sort out the underlying problems with support.

It works and saves money in the end.

And is far more compassionate and practical by putting lives back together and not pushing people further down the spiral of failure and debt.

Come on, people of Stoke, sort this!

You Are a Sovereign Being – Time to Start Acting Like It. Waking Times.

Britain’s secret role in Saudi Arabia’s dirty war: UK troops are training army that has left a million on the brink of starvation, investigation finds. Daily Mail.

No, not demanding answers – demanding the government go for creating genocide.