Freedom is an Inside Job: the Overunity Circuit of the Body Electric

Very interesting and thought-provoking. Best to digest in segments!

Infinite Genius

Towards the Free Energy Human

In the terminology of free energy devices, one often hears the term “over unity”, which refers to when a free energy generator generates more electricity than it consumes. Very often, this is the edge that inventors work with, how to cross that Rubicon, which is almost like stepping through the looking glass. We are so inculcated by the dominant paradigm to believe that the idea of free energy defies the “laws of science”, but even if we consider those laws for a few moments in the scale of all things, we quickly understand that, for the mind of man to have an explanation of how everything works is actually what is impossible. The brain is a very limited device, (especially the way we have used it up until now,) that only picks up a tiny, if not infinitesimal spectrum of what exists. And yet, it…

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