Monthly Archives: October 2017

Syrian Victory Will Reshape the Middle East and Recalibrate Global Hegemony. 21st Century Wire.

America and the UK got it very, very wrong in Syria – but it won’t stop them cooking up more colonial schemes.

The Ukraine is very problematic and so is the US itself with the censorship projects in these countries.

Collective consciousness: con job for the ages

The plot to overthrow America—oh, that’s just a fantasy

Poor diet is a factor in one-in-five deaths, global disease study reveals. Guardian.

Some very shocking statistics.

Far too many people hungry when there is plenty of food but bombs are more profitable for the few….

Always, always money for war……

Athens and Jerusalem – Gilad Atzmon at Reading International Festival. YouTube.

What’s Going on in Niger? Stephen Lendman.

An Honest Syrian Response to the Criminally Hypocritical Western Cries of “Torture.” 21st Century Wire.

Leading Neuroscientist Explains How the Brain Hallucinates Reality. Waking Times.

ROTARY International argues that vaccine-derived polio caused by polio vaccines, is somehow caused by NOT ENOUGH children being vaccinated. Medicine News.

Oh, come, come, we are so compassionate, we care…..

and make billions on the vaccines killing and maiming your children after bombing and traumatizing them.


The Ben Stimson Case: Prosecuted For Fighting Fascism in The Ukraine. New Eastern Outlook.