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If football were canceled, would America go insane?

Support Team for Children Who’ve been Arrested. Middle East Children’s Alliance.

Children as young as 6 can be arrested at night, taken out of their bed, home and away from family and friends, alone and then subject to interrogation and harassment, and even torture.

Would you accept this happening to your child??

Vermont experimenting with new health care model: Pay doctors to keep patients HEALTHY. Natural News.

Not quite new – the Chinese did this for centuries!

You did not pay your doctor if you became ill.

Trump/NFL political theater: who’s winning?

How The Gig Economy Has Created Permanent Low-Paid Nomads. Alternet.

Mark Godsey Is an American Superhero: He Gets Innocent People out of Prison. Alternet.

Update: Free Nazanin. Day #543 FreeNazanin – Seeing in Stages.

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Time the two governments got this sorted.

Replies to outrageous article in The Sunday Times seeking to undermine Edward Heath investigation by misrepresenting abuse campaigner Robert Green.

Julie Kelly “Climate Change Is About Higher Taxes, More Government & NOT About Science.” Richie Allen Show.

The Three Layers of Your Reality Construct. Waking Times.