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NATO’s New Libya Still Burning. New Eastern Outlook.

Richie Allen Show on Zionism Declares War on David Icke – With Lies & Gutless People. YouTube.

Richie Allen Show on Gilad Atzmon and Tony Gosling on the UK Zionists Hell Bent on Destroying Free Speech. YouTube.

Rough sleepers in Oxford facing fines of £2,500 if they leave possessions in doorways ‘detrimental’ to the local area. Daily Mail.

If you live in Oxford please contact your councillors for this inhuman treatment of vulnerable people.

Can they afford £2,500???  Would they be sleeping on the streets if they could?

So, are they going to send them to prison?

What will that cost the taxpayer?

A lot of money to produce a new criminal….

Fund the homeless hostel instead of closing it but better still find them homes and then give them the support they need.

And that saves money in the end….

No brainer, Oxford….

NHS declares total ban on homeopathy and herbal medicine, goes all-in for Big Pharma’s chemical medications that are bankrupting the world. Natural News.

Good article.

This has been coming for some time.

Sadly, not just bankrupting the world but poisoning all in it as well.

But people are waking up and taking responsibility for their own health.

Guess people in the US have to do the same now!

Kudos To Campbell Soup Company. Natural Blaze.

EWG’s Tap Water Database. EWG.

This is for every American state.

Please use it and share.

A great resource.

On the Current International Zionist Smear Campaign. Gilad Atzmon.

Why Can’t People See What’s Happening? Truthstream Media. YouTube.

GAZA in Context. YouTube.

Must watch.