The powerful individual

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The powerful individual

By Jon Rappoport

Let’s play a game. Relax, it’ll be fun.

Everyone says, “There’s a great new movie you have to see. It’s fantastic.”

So you’re walking down the street to the theater.

Suddenly a man appears and hands you a sheet of paper.

At the top of the sheet, in large bold letters: DON’T WATCH THE MOVIE.


You burst out laughing as you walk on. Philosophy? Is he kidding?

But you read the weird text:

“There are tech people who believe machines have consciousness. They’re wrong.”

“Physicists, when faced with trying to explain human consciousness, assume it is a function of the brain.”

“At the same time, they insist the atomic and sub-atomic particles that compose the brain have no consciousness and no free will.”

“The physicists are mired in a gross contradiction, which they avoid trying to…

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