The Kurds in Iraq and Syria are being used by the US as a Trojan horse for the purpose of dividing the Middle East

Elijah J. Magnier

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Key words: Kurds, Rojava, Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, US, Russia, studio Arabia.


Iran, Syria and Iraq believe that the US and Israel are consciously taking advantage of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq

The countries of the region believe that declaring an independent Kurdistan is a premature step that can only increase the deep trouble the Kurds are in

Tehran, Baghdad and Damascus wrongly believe that the US does not have a clear strategy in Syria and Iraq

For many reasons it is in the US’s interest to destabilise Ankara despite Turkey being a NATO member

Erdogan is considered “out of the US’s orbit” since the coup-d’état failure and the US’s supporting of an independent Rojava

Even though Turkey won’t fight the YPG because they are under the US protection, it will fight the Kurds…

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