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What Happened to America’s Wealth? The Rich Hid It. Common Dreams.

No, we don’t want a global government to sort it!

They won’t.

Britain becoming more divided with ‘whole tracts of country left behind’, says Social Mobility Commission. Independent.

Well, we are off to a good start giving the queen double and the DUP a few quid…..

Queen’s taxpayer-funded income doubles to £82m, up 167% since 2012. RT.

No money for the homeless and ordinary people who roast in incendiary towers but always money for war and the very, very rich.

Time for change…..

Palestinian Expo 2017: The UK Government and The Lobby. Gilad Atzmon.

Please go and support if you can.

The Gutenberg Revolutions. The Corbett Report. YouTube.


UK COLUMN: Trump’s Chemical Weapons Hoax in Syria, Hackers Strike UK Parliament. (Must be the Russians). 21st Century Wire.

A great deal of ground covered.

Enclosure of Gaza as a “Prison Territory”: Construction of New High Tech Surveillance Wall to Separate Gaza from Israel. Global Research.

Now, let me see, is this structure illegal????

And if so, what will the international community do about it?

Also, please note the similarities between the Warsaw Ghetto and the wall separating the West Bank.

Ironic, eh????

AMA Opposes Vaccine Research – A Reply. Dr. Brownstein.

The AMA is on the wrong side of history….

Homemade Ant Bait – Less Toxic and More Effective. Dr. Mercola.

Natural Alternatives to Deadly Prescription Opiates. GreenMedInfo.

Good to have a number of alternatives as cannabis is looking very likely to being neutered by the government aka big pharma.