Notes for The Matrix Revealed: landscape of the mind

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Notes for The Matrix Revealed: the landscape of the mind

by Jon Rappoport

April 5, 2017

These are notes I made in preparation for assembling my collection, The Matrix Revealed:

“Certain ideas and bits of information form a landscape in the mind, a very stable landscape. When a person encounters new information, he compares it to the landscape. If the new information doesn’t fit, if it doesn’t merge harmoniously, he rejects it.”

“But suppose the landscape is false? Suppose it is built on false notions or even propaganda? The person is walking around with a false picture in his mind. But not just a small picture, a big one that stretches across a large space. He uses this picture, this landscape as a navigating tool.”

“And even if he navigates his way into an empty desert or a swamp or a blind alley, he doesn’t care. He accepts that…

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