What if you sell medicine that causes men to grow breasts?

The executives may be free for the moment but the wheels of justice are turning – slowly – but till turning….

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What if you sell medicine that causes men to grow breasts?

Who’s reserving prison cells for Johnson & Johnson executives?

by Jon Rappoport

March 21, 2017

Who’s reserving the prison cells? The answer: no one.

These Johnson & Johnson execs are free and rich and powerful, although their crimes should have landed them in jail years ago.

And before I read the riot act, chapter and verse, let’s get something straight. Everybody’s talking about the Deep State? Well, Big Pharma is an essential part of the Deep State.

These princes are affecting, with toxic substances, the world population every day. All their lobbying efforts, all their behind-the-scenes political control guarantees they can continue to wage what amounts to chemical warfare on the public.

Today’s focus: Johnson & Johnson.


March 8, 2017, ibtimes: “More than 100,000 patients are suing US group Johnson & Johnson, alleging that some of…

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