Monthly Archives: February 2017

Child sex abuse inquiry public hearings set to start. BBC.


And it is happening now under our eyes as child immigrants going missing in their hundreds.

Scrap benefit sanctions system or risk mental health crisis, doctors warn. Independent.

Very timely.  At last the doctors are speaking out.

We need to keep up the momentum.

See your MP and emphasize how unfair and unjust the present system is and how it is causing immense suffering, depression and anxiety, needlessly.

Logic in the Matrix: the Declaration of Independence

Pity the ‘levy war’ has become so dominant. Much of this applies now to the UK and far more so to the EU.

Trump’s war against the media continues

Excellent article. I love “fertile chaos.” from that can come real organic growth from the grassroots up.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Guardian. Off-Guardian.

A beginner’s guide to the Guardian

Healing the Body with Photobiomodulation.

This is most exciting!

How infrared light used in specific ways and at specific frequencies can heal many diseases especially kidney failure in the elderly and Alzheimers.


Watch this space, things are really on the move!

Man Repopulated Entire City With Butterflies From His Own Backyard. Natural Blaze.


We all need to look into keeping bees and breeding butterflies and growing food.

America’s Mideast Disaster: 15 Years of Sowing Death and DestructionWith No Peace in Sight. Alternet.

There never was any intention of bringing peace.

That word doesn’t exist in the language of the pentagon.

Chaos and disaster is perfect for stealing resources, making big money from bogus contracts as well as killing and maiming and traumatizing millions.

Oh, and the refugees destabilize everywhere else.

Ministers table emergency laws to limit disability payments after losing two key court cases that could blow a £3.7 billion hole in the welfare budget. Daily Mail.

Get together and sue the government.

And don’t give up.

Anarchy in Austria: Hundreds of Residents Declare Themselves ‘State Deniers’. Sputnik News.


This will spread like wildfire which is why the authorities are so nervy…..