America has been here before

Excellent. Some good research here.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

Breitbart carried an article last week saying that American liberals are in despair. It might be a bit late with that headline though. Now they are faced with the reality of Donald Trump’s presidency, his opponents are shaking themselves out of their despair and are starting to fight back. There are good reasons for them to be optimistic, not least of which is the president’s tendency to over-react and waste energy on trivial issues.

But history offers some perspective too, for America has been here before. Well, OK, not quite here but somewhere very similar.

In the 1920s, a determined minority imposed on the rest of America one of the most draconian restrictions on personal freedom ever enacted in a modern democracy. I’m talking, of course, about prohibition. The forces behind prohibition may sound familiar. Its supporters were mostly white protestants from rural and small-town America. Many people were disturbed by rapid industrialisation, urbanisation…

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