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Former DEA “Chief Propagandist” Says Agency Knows Cannabis is Safe but Keeps it Illegal for Profit. Activist Post.

This is Belita Nelson who resigned when she could stomach the lies no longer.

To her credit she did not take the hush money and has started a foundation to treat footballers for head injuries.

We need more courageous whistleblowers like her.

100,000 hours of Isolation: Gaza Siege Enters its 12th Year. Euro Med Monitor.

And the world looks on…..

The Struggle of the Venezuelan People Against U.S. Interventionism. Global Research.

A very different perspective than that promoted by the lamestream media.

Scientists march to support global-warming censorship: the New Ridiculous

Spot on. Agenda 21……

Big Pharma’s Synthetic Cannabis Pills are Killing People…yet Authentic Marijuana is still criminalized. Natural News.

Hybrid Wars 8. There’s More than Meets the Eye in Mozambique. Oriental Review.

Homeless Man Lands Job after Receiving New Suit for Interview.


So heartening.

This company donates a suit to the homeless for every new suit sold.


The Zion King: The Movie the Royal Family Does not Want you to see. Full Documentary. YouTube.

Watch and share before it is pulled.

The British Government Colluded With Monsanto and should be held Accountable in the International Criminal Court. RINFcom


Also, Monsanto should pay for the damages caused to people and the environment and pay for the clean-up.

Please contact your MP and MEP or Welsh Assembly Member and sort this out!

Ant-Vaxxer Biologist Stefan Lanka Bets $1,00k That Measles isn’t a virus; Wins in German Federal Supreme Court.

This has huge implications for the vaccine industry and the big pharma corporations.

The measles virus does not exist.

How horrendous so many have had their lives destroyed because of severe reactions to a vaccine given criminally.