Richie Allen Show on US Doctor’s Astonishing Claim that Patients are Being Murdered for their Organs. YouTube.

This is an incredible interview with Dr Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones, the mother of a 16 year-old who suffered a severe head injury and pronounced dead when he was still alive.

He was alive for a full 24 hours even though they were told he was dead and resisted the apnia procedure twice and intubation twice.

It all makes sense when you realize a healthy, fit young 16-year-old is worth $1-5m in organ transplants but he needs to be alive.

You cannot take organs from someone who is dead and put them into someone living.

The organ transplant business is worth $24bn a year.

A patient needing care and treatment costs money.

‘Living dead’ bring in huge amounts of money.

This goes on everywhere except Japan where their survival rates are 70%.

Please share this widely and more information on lifeguardianfoundation.

Their advice – do NOT fill in an organ donor card and say no to any apnia (suffocation) test for your relatives.


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