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Demonetisation Undermines the Right to Food and the Right to Life. Counter Currents.

Syrian nationwide ceasefire comes to effect. RT. YouTube.

2016-‘It is , perhaps , the end of the beginning’- David Icke Videocast/Podcast. YouTube.

Highly recommended.

An excellent and concise analysis of the events of 2016 and how we can build on them to bring forward our freedom.


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Update: Day 271 #Free Nazanin.

David Icke is a Multimillionaire with a Bentley and a Mansion. YouTube.

Yeah, yawn, yawn…..

Well worth watching though.

Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players. YouTube.

The Cruel Experiments of Israel’s Arms Industry. Electronic Intifada.

Shocking.  Beyond belief.

Not easy to read but people need to know.

Why Netanyahu Remains Israel’s ‘Inciter-in-Chief’. Jonathan Cook.

Israel Punishes the World After UN Vote. Common Dreams.

Bellicose lunacy is how people are describing Netanyahu’s reaction to the vote.

I think a two-year-old tantrum would be nearer the mark.

Has he not realized all he is doing is isolating and punishing Israel itself and playing into the Palestinians’ hands of isolating Israel?

However, sadly, they will feel the brunt of this tantrum unless the world governments’ put enough pressure on Israel to make them comply.

And Trump is unlikely to do that…..

Why I answered the Call for Veterans to go to Standing Rock. Common Dreams.

Veterans have experienced the reality of corruption of empire in the making.

How amazing he finishes with a wish to one day participate in a ceremony asking forgiveness from the people of Iraq.

Just a few more countries to add to the list…..