Now We Know the Truth: “Brexit” Does Not Mean “Brexit”

Exactly. There is a shift happening now and it won’t come from the political elite. The huge stand-off at Standing Rock in support of protesting the DAPL is gathering enormous momentum as all aspects of society realise they are being threatened in some way. The response is huge and working on many levels like writing to every bank involved and taking action in emailing and calling the President and other Representatives. Things are happening but they won’t be as the elite plan because they are so out of touch and extraordinarily arrogant. The creativity and energy of grassroots groups working in cooperation and collaboration is enormous. Forward and upwards!

On Genocide


People should have known they were being played for fools when Cameron said “the British people have made a very clear decision….” In reality, under 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU in a non-binding referendum. Think about that, because apparently nobody has in these last 5-and-a-bit months. Less than 52% voted to leave and they only represent 37% of the total electorate because 13 million people did not vote at all. There was only a 72% turn-out and roughly half voted on each side.

So why are people like Cameron and Theresa May so adamant that “Brexit means Brexit”? Why is it only now that the High Court has reminded people that the UK constitution ensures, as lawyers have said all along, that parliament has the final say? Why is a government that largely wanted to remain in the EU putting on this ludicrous show of suddenly needing…

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