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Ireland Jails 3 Top Bankers over 2008 Collapse. The Anti Media

Ireland Jails 3 Top Bankers over 2008 Collapse — the Opposite of What the US Did

How Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith and Jimmy Saville got away with Sex Abuse. Daily Mail.

America’s Conquest of Western Europe: Is Europe Doomed by Vassalage to Washington? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Global Research.

Many more countries need to exit the EU.

Unfortunately, the pressure is on for the UK to reconsider.

Zionism Goes from bad to worse taking Judaism with it. An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson. Intifada Palestine.

Zionism Goes from Bad to Worse, Taking Judaism with It – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

Return of the Slums: 3 people found living in single family home. RT. UK.

The truth is they never went away.

US Slob-dressed Ambassador Pathetically Excuses Murder in Syria. Video. Russia Insider.

Read the comments as well.

Some excellent insights.

CIA Productions Inc. – Syrian ‘Rebel’ Commander forgets His Lines. 21st Century Wire.

Well, well….

CIA Productions Inc. – Syrian ‘Rebel’ Commander Forgets His Lines

Supreme Court Blocks Named Person Scheme branding elements ‘unlawful’. Press and Journal.

Very good news.


Shocking and deplorable.

Two years fighting to bring Rachael nearer home and still no end in sight.

Please send Rachael a birthday message!



Clinton Cash – “Devastating” Documentary Shows How Clintons Went from Dead Broke to Mega Wealthy. Zero Hedge.