Monthly Archives: June 2016

Visible Pollution Leaking from NY Nuclear Plant. Activist Post.

A whole list of disasters quietly happening as the infrastructure in America deteriorates.

Yet trillions are spent on destroying other countries and their houses, homes, schools, hospitals and people.

Time for change?

Yes, there IS EU Propaganda in Schools And it’s Worse Than You Think. Breitbart.

Pure brainwashing of impressionable children.

Good we’re on our way OUT.

Bilderberg Documents Leaked!- War plan on Iraq Exposed. Press for Truth. YouTube.

This is huge.

Confirmation of how the unelected bankers, politicians and elite shape the world we live in.

Sadly, this won’t be on the msm….


Chicago Becoming America’s Urban Agriculture Capital. Alternet.

Really good news of how local, sustainable green growing in old warehouses and on the top of factories can produce increased organic yields.

Remain’s Hatred and Vitriol following the Brexit Vote. The Commentator.

Very well expressed.

Sadly, the cognitive dissonance is very worrying.

Brexit and the Diseased Liberal Mind. Jonathan Cook. Common Dreams.

How to lose friends and family – support Brexit on principle and be branded a racist….

A very, very nasty game going on.

Also playing they are playing for time and then the whole thing will be rerun again.

After we have hd our ‘punishment’.

The EU do not take no for an answer.

In fact, they just do not take answers or even questions at all.

Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches. Robert Parry. Common Dreams.

Excellent piece that connects the dots of the neocons stretching back to Reagan.

Hopefully, the human race will wake up from the fog of distraction and see what is over the precipice….

On Coup Anniversary, Examining the US Role in Honduras. Common Dreams.

Seven years after the coup the killing still goes on…

World’s Youngest Reporter? 10-yo Palestinian girl storms internet covering anti-Israel protest.


All power to these young women standing up to the cowardly armed-to-the teeth soldiers.

Children taking back their power.



Stop Arming Saudi: decision Time. Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

Stop Arming Saudi: decision time