Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why We MUST Leave the Eu by Cameron’s guru Steve Hilton. Daily Mail.

At least someone is talking sense.

The US War Machine’s Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American a 1 million dollar home. Activist Post.

Just think about that.

Nearly 600 billion homeless and the same amount wasted on destroying the world.

Get down to the pentagon and claim your free home….

Shocked by Rise of Jewish Extremism in Israel, Maverick Rabbi Denounces Discriminatory Laws. Alternet.

Thank goodness some people are talking sense.

Hypnotic Animation: 200 Years of US Immigration in 1 Minute. RT YouTube

Gilad Atzmon 2016 YouTube

Bruce Lipton. Mind over Matter. YouTube.

This man is incredible.

Very, very worthwhile to listen and enjoy.


“Queen Was Bored out of her Skull”. Jonathan Pie. RT YouTube.”



The Media Got it Wrong About the New Report Saying GMO’s are Safe. Here are 3 Takeaways. Alternet.

Worth studying to understand the media and corporate hype.

Especially notable is the fact that there are no studies which show they increase yields….

The War Against Historical Memory is Nato’s long-term project. Voltairenet.

The lead-up to the NATO summit in the summer in the Polish capital.

Must have hit a nerve as the author has just been arrested.

I hope he is released safely very soon.

The March Against Monsanto is on. Silent Crow News.

Events taking place across the world today leading up to The People’s Tribunal in October in the Netherlands.