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Coca Cola Paying Diet Experts to counter obesity claims. Independent.

In case you missed this horrific account and the grim comments.

Osborne to rake in millions from flooding after refusing to cut VAT on flood repairs

Wasn’t it the same with cameron in the floods 2 or 3 years ago that he refused the EU compensation?

Pride's Purge

floods cuts

Why has George Osborne cut millions from flood defences over the last few years? When he knew it could result** in the recent devastating deluges?

Could it be because he’s due to make millions by charging 20% VAT* on the repairs?

No connection obviously …


*Nope – it’s not the EU’s fault. Holland received an immediate VAT exemption on flood defences when it asked for it. Osborne hasn’t even bothered to ask for an exemption.

**Handing over millions in taxpayers money to his grouse shooting pals won’t be helping the situation much either.

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UN Tells Israel to Stop Taking Palestinian Resources. Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

But will israel take any notice?

Expel Israel from the UN.

Starting the new year in a positive, upbeat manner.

Until I read the the resolution is to be requested to be proposed by the UK.


I hope to be proved wrong.

The Ku Klux Klan: America’s Long History of Accepting White Terrorist Organizations. Global research.

Very, very disturbing.

Sorry West, the Syrian People have chosen – Assad isn’t going anywhere. Sott Net.

A very useful article but now Israel has been given an excuse to enter the war things might change.

Congress QuietlyEnds Federal Prohibition on Medical Marijuana. Activist Post.

Good news.

This is for medical use in all its forms so will include hemp.

In 10 Months this cafe has fed 10000 People with 20 tons of unwanted food. Natural Blaze.

Heart warming.

11th Alternative Health Doctor Dies. Natural Blaze.

This was back in September.

Please watch the Great Minds episode on RT and then decide for yourself if what he was saying was a threat.

There are very many others giving the same message but Dr Mitchell was in a very prominent medical position.

CONSPIRACY THEORY? T.U.T. (The Undisputed Truth) YouTube.

Contains some graphic images.

and much truth!