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Britain’s Draft Investigatory Powers Bill aka Population Control. True Publica.

Very good article making clear how very determined this government is to seek control of every move on the net, by phone etc we make.

And how the keeping us safe mantra is an utter, dangerous sham.

Before the illegal and murderous invasion of Iraq there were exactly 65 terrorist deaths in Europe.  Since then an increase of 600%.


So, all the attempts to keep us safe and take away our rights and freedoms the politicians have forced on us have not just had the opposite effect but unimaginably made everyone a target but failed to actually track anyone who really was a real threat.

Tories Scrap Mandatory Work Benefits Scheme. Welfare Weekly.

Good news – but let’s wait and see the detail of what is going to replace it.

‘Work and Health’ sounds very ominous given the slant that this government has in tying those two together to the detriment of all.

Highest Number of Excess Winter deaths Since 1999/2000. ONS.

Well, well, well.

This does not stack up and they know it.

So what was the cause?

My money goes on lack of heating, expense of heating and difficulties in getting to see a doctor if you could get an appointment and were still alive when it actually came around three weeks late.

Or just unfair, brutal sanctions.

Death on a Plate: Say No to TTIP. Unison and War on Want. YouTube.

This is the essence of globalisation – the lowest level of care and environmental protections forced on the rest of the world by the US.

No, animal welfare and our welfare is far more important.

We need to stop this now.

Please share far and wide.


Prominent Israeli Settler runs over a 16 year-old Palestinian girl and then shoots her. Mondoweiss.

and then the soldiers join in the fun.

Sadly, the list goes on and on.

Desperately tragic – but Israel has the right to defend itself….

Life in Limbo: Palestinians Denied ID’sby Israel. Electronic Intifada.

This is tragic for these families and for the Palestinians trapped in this nightmare.

Britain’s Government – Sponsored NationalHousing Ponzi Scheme. True Publica.

Depressing reading that the lessons of abject failure in the Thatcher government have not been learned but actually outdone by Osborne.

The fact that one third of children will be living in poverty by 2020 is outrageous.  Mainly due to lack of adequate, affordable housing.

Oh, I forgot, Osborne just changed the definition of poverty so that makes it alright then?

Pro-Israel Lobby in Britain. Full Text.Open Democracy.

This is long, detailed and fascinating.

It is also not up to date but gives a very useful snapshot in time before the 2010 election.

From JFK to 9/11 Everything is Rich Man’s Tricks. Francis Connolly. YouTube.

This film is 3 hours long so best to take it in segments.

Very, very thorough and very, very disturbing.

Everything is out there that careful, patient research cannot find and piece together.

It’s about paying attention to detail and not getting distracted.

Very highly recommended.


‘Conscious Cruelty’: Ken Loach’s Shock at Benefit Sanctions and Food Banks. Welfare Weekly.

Seeing the reality through the eyes of master film-maker Ken may well wake up a lot of people as Cathy Come Home did.

We need a complete paradigm shift and films do have that power which is why hollywood spends so much time and effort on them.