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His Diabetic Mother was found dead in her home after being sanctioned for being in hospital with heart problems. Welfare Tales.

I missed this recently as I was moving.

Sad and tragic; yet another to add to the very, very long list.

It is beyond belief this is happening in this rich country in 2015.

I hope this went as evidence to the UN investigating the discrimination against the disabled and ill.

Shocking and unforgivable.

What this poor woman went through is beyond imagination.

May she rest in peace.

How a High Dollar Speech Sends Former Israeli Prime Minister To US Federal Court on Claims of War Crime. War is a Crime.

Excellent news!

Although the wheels os justice turn slowly they do turn.  (Francis Boyle)

Life in Occupied Palestine. YouTube.

The video that Israel is trying to ban.


Because it tells the truth.

Please watch and share and then take action.

Thank you.


Benefit sanctions: Britain’s secret penal system – Dr David Webster

Source: Benefit sanctions: Britain’s secret penal system – Dr David Webster

Act for the Act. The Letter to sign to save your Human Rights! Please Act now and Share.

This site is full of stories that tell of how ordinary people have relied on the Human Rights Act to help them in the most difficult times in their lives.

Please take some time to read them and realise that this act is important despite what the scaremongering tabloids tell you.

Please sign and share!

Thank you.

Michael O’Sullivan Scandal Inquest Notes Expose Shocking Failings of WEA System. Disability News Service.

Well done John Pring for showing how the failings of the Atos Work Assessment interview failed to show Michael was suicidal and not fit for work.

Also how this has become the norm for the DWP and ATOS to assume those on the DLA are malingerers and how this came about in 2008 at a conference in Oxford.

Well done for the lone voice and the courageous persistence of John in researching this and bringing it into the public arena despite the treatment he has had from the DWP in refusing to answer his requests for information.

Now we know why.

Kudos, John.

IDF Kills Hebron Peace Activist Hashem Azzeh. Muftah.

How very, very  tragic.

A wonderful, courageous and amazing man.

May he rest in peace and may his wonderful legacy live on.

Much sympathy and condolences to his incredible family.

The world needs many more people like this.

Iceland Does what the US won’t do. 26 Top Bankers sent to prison for role in Financial Crisis. Raw Story

And what Britain will not do.

we were told that bailing out the banks was the only way forward.

What a lie!

Still not too late to bring them to justice.

Over Half of Brits Forced to Borrow Money to Buy Food. Welfare Weekly.

This is before tax credits are cut.

The shocking statistic I read recently that food bank use has increased by 1,665% since the coalition came into power in 2010.

Most of the families will have young children whose brains are still developing.

This is truly shocking in this rich and wealthy country.

All this austerity so the rich can get richer on the backs of the poor.


Brain Power. Brian Johnson Philosopher’s Notes. YouTube

This is very clear, simple and dynamite!

Over 30 – then you need this!

Over 60- then this is a must!

Excellent self help in an age when a pill is popped for most things.