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MD found Murdered inside Florida home today. This makes 6 in 30 days – 5 still missing.

More background on this highly disturbing story.

Dr Bradstreet Raid. Search Warrant authorising seizure of everything to do with GcMAF. YouTube.

This raid was carried out on 30th June shortly before he was found dead in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest.

Juice Rap News: Immigrants! Feat. Tony Abbott and Donald Trump. RT. YouTube.


So when did your ancestors come to this land?

The highest numbers of refugees ever but the rich countries are hardly treating the problem with compassion and wisdom…

A nice link with the global corporations that are the real migrants creeping over the face of the earth unnoticed through the secret trade deals now being negotiated that most people are totally unaware of and the tremendous powers being given on a plate to corporations.

But read the comments and people are incensed by the cheek of people wanting to come here after we have bombed and destroyed their countries and stolen their resources.

The cheek…

Dad Commits suicide with an Electric Saw after Benefits Cut. Daily Star.


This has to stop.

Please support the National Day of Strike  on the 27th of each month when we remember those who have died after being sanctioned and found fit for work and then had their benefits withdrawn.

It’s a day when we use no power or shop at supermarkets.  If thousands of us do it, it will hit the corporations that support  the tory party in the pocket.

People power.

War on Whistleblowers (ft Edward Snowden and David Carr) 2015 Full Documentary Brave New Films.

Must watch.

“not just saying something but doing something”.  Edward Snowden.

Brain Maker. David Perlmutter at the Buck Institute. YouTube

The latest research on brain health and gut health.


Ralph Nader. Sending Citizens’ Summons to Members of Congress. Common Dreams.

This can be adapted for our MP’s here.


Israel’s Endless Misery for Gaza is Backfiring. Jonathan Cook.

At last, some evidence that Israel is beginning to listen to world opinion and the realisation that they are totally isolated is beginning to dawn.

Perhaps the awakening in America is beginning to show results.

Just a beginning though…

Satanic Ritualistic Abuse exposed by Canadian Psychotherapist Sandra Fecht. Modern Knowledge. YouTube.

This is a very interesting and thoroughly fascinating video of the long journey of Sandra into the stories that kept coming up and how she created and adapted modalities to help support those affected.

Also sharing their stories are 2 clients who have ultimately been healed and found joy and empowerment and now move forward to help free others.

Well worth the 2 hours to watch but the sound varies in places and they seem to have builders in the background in several places.

Highly recommended.

Greece’s Parliament Cannot Override the No Vote Agreement with the Creditors is Illegal. Global Research.

So the next move over to the courts?

Hopefully, there will be a very significant challenge!