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After 13 years of hell human being held without charges has one question for US. Common Dreams.

‘Moath al-Alwi, who has been a prisoner of the U.S. government and detained at the offshore prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba since 2002 without ever being charged with a crime or afforded a trial, has a simple yet urgent question for the American people and the U.S. government: Why am I still here?’


WHO says widely used Dow herbicide possibly carcinogenic to humans. Common Dreams.

‘Troublingly, 2,4-D is just one key ingredient in Dow’s Enlist Duo herbicide that was approved in April for use in 15 states by the Environmental Protection Agency. The other key ingredient is glyphosate, which the WHO said in March is a “probable carcinogen” for humans.

What’s unknown, and perhaps even more alarming, is the fact that “when the EPA approved Enlist Duo for use on GMO crops, the agency did not consider the effects the two harmful defoliants may have on human health when mixed together,” EWG warned Tuesday’.

For ‘possibly’ read probably.

Origins. Full documentary. YouTube.

This is a beautiful, thought -provoking film.  There is also the on-line summit interviews to make this a reality in our own communities.

So much is good here.  I love Mark Hyman with his voting with our forks 3 times a day!

Excellent and highly recommended.

Iain Duncan Smith claims 200,000 strong petition is “disgraceful”

Questions being asked – about time too!

We need to keep going and keep up the pressure.

Public servants serve us – or should and not hide the truth.

Please sign and share and write to your MP to ask questions as well.

America’s Slave Empire. Chris Hedges. Common Dreams.

The people behind the strikes in America’s prisons have been held in solitary confinement for 18 months.  That is torture.

The conditions are horrific in all the prisons.  America has 25% of the world’s prison population and the corporations are getting fat on the slavery.  Very few get paid for the work they do and that is just cents.  However, the fees and the fines and prices for basics are extortionate.

They do need to see we support them in combatting this slavery.

Boycott McDonald’s as much of their stuff is processed buy prisoners.


Vaccine Injury Data now removed from Government website.

A useful article that gives the history of the Vaccine Injury court and how this situation has come about. There seems to be an intentionally low-profile of the court. The high claims are paid for by the tax-payer and therefore there is no incentive for manufacturers to worry or even consider safety.  You cannot sue a vaccine producer for damages or injuries.  This seems to the way that legislation is going and will be even worse with TTIP.

If you live in America please sign this petition to repeal the act that gives the vaccine manufacturers total immunity.


If You voted for the tories you consented to the splintering of Britain into six nations. Independent.

Written with passion.

It will be the children who suffer most from these extra cuts.

Some very hard-hitting examples.

Is Your Skin under Chemical Attack? Designer Cosmetic brands contain danger ingredient TWO YEARS after doctors raised the alarm. Daily Mail.


Read the comments.

Buy organic or make your own.

Also all those chemical cleaners that aren’t just killing the germs…

Charles’s heir miles bill soars to £1 million: Cost of ‘green’ Prince’s globetrotting risen £100,000-year… thanks to 28 seat luxury jet. Daily Mail.

A cool million on air travel – so we really are all in it together.

Perhaps we could have a proper referendum and those that support this lot fork out for it?

And the rest of us get to share the money saved.

“Wag the dog” Mass Killing, Race Wars and Gun Confiscation Obscure Sleight-of-hand TPP Passage. Global Research.

Joining the dots. ‘The militarization of US law enforcement in recent years is part of the sinister plan to wage war against the American people, starting with those of color and extending to veterans, gun owners, Christians, Tea Partiers, constitutionalists, property rights activists, First Amendment protesters and all dissidents taking a stand against fascist governmental tyranny, branding all these groups together as domestic terrorists and enemies of the state’.