The Desperate Fight Within Disabled Campaigning

Thank you, Jayne for your honesty and courage. I think until we change ourselves the world will not change. What is going on is very, very deeply disturbing and it is no wonder many people are angry and confused. However, we do have to try to come together in trust and in unity and help and support each other to build a better world. Max Igan suggests we come together in groups of 5 with people we really trust to meet weekly and plan to go forward together on a local and national level. I live in the Welsh borders if anyone is near or around Presteigne and getting very involved in disability support and local politics. I have a lot of experience in advocacy and put up a lot of relevant blogs. Homelessness is one of my closest themes as it seems things are appalling that this is being criminalised when giving the homeless homes works better all round and saves money. Somehow the police need education in this but they are fighting for their own jobs now.
Thank you for all you do and look after yourself.


This is my first post in a few months, there’s been several reasons for this including an horrendous bout of depression, an operation and masses of work for DEAEP, our new course starts next week. There also been one issue that has taken over what little energy I’ve had left after this; a month ago I was asked if I’d be interested in working on the setting up of a unifying group for disabled people to fight the Government.

Anyone that’s read my blogs is well aware I’m committed to collective working and collaboration, most of my posts end with some form of plea for Unity or Togetherness, so of course I said yes. To my horror, in this very short period of time several of those willing to do the backroom work have been bullied and verbally assaulted by the same people who purport to believe in campaigning and challenging…

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