Democracy in Barnet

Interesting that if any of the protesters were dressed in suits they may have been let in???
My son got a very good one from Oxfam recently for £3.50.
We have to gain access to these meetings and take back grassroots control because at the end of the day they have the money, resources and the power.
Actually, OUR money and power!

sweets way resists

11214334_702250273234951_694877835295903017_n Not even Richard Cornelius, Leader of Barnet Council was allowed into the AGM!

Tonight was an absolute disgrace at Hendon Town Hall! Barnet Council refused to let any of us from Sweets Way Resists or Our West Hendon into a *public* meeting where decisions about our lives were being made, even though we had 200,000 combined signatures on our petitions to present to them!

But that didn’t stop us from shouting loud enough that we could be heard in the meetings over the Mayor of Barnet, who was busy lying to the Council, telling them that residents were being let inside, when Barnet Council staff had told us in no uncertain terms that none of us would be allowed into the Town Hall tonight!

In truth, the line of cops and private security did occasionally part and make way for people to enter… As long as they were in formal attire!…

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