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Skelmersdale bedroom tax victim has toes amputated after spending winter in a tent. Liverpool Echo.

Both with disabilities and mental health problems lost their house after 30 years.

Spent last winter in a tent – I can’t even begin to think how appalling that was.

He is, they both are lucky to be alive.

Social Services could not assess them because they were in a tent.

DWP continued to ‘support’ them…

In this rich and wonderful country this is happening in the 21st century.

Time to sort it!

German military floats plan to equip its tanks with depleted uranium to a sceptical nation. Ban Depleted

Not good news.

Apparently the German position has hardened in the last year.

Useful website.

CAAT – Act Now _ Keep arms companies out of the BBC.

Roger Carr, Chair of BAE is being promoted to Vice chair of the BBC Trust.

Quite wrong to have the arms trade having so much influence with the BBC.

Representing listeners’ views???

Please sign!

Babies now tapping on smartphones before they walk and talk says study. Washington Times.

According to this study, a third of babies are playing with smartphones.  Some know how to scroll down and one even made a call.

Very worrying as babies’ skulls are so thin and can easily absorb electro-magnetic radiation.

Surely there are other things babies need to be doing?

In an emergency, like on a very long bus trip across the desert when I hunted for my keys to entertain a bored, crying toddler but surely, not a phone as a toy?

Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters

Well, well getting in even before America.

Not long before all the western ‘democracies’ follow suit.

MI girl who battled cancer is dismissed for missing school.

Missing school- well they were behind her cheering her on all the way.

Said prayers for her recovery??


Apparently they have reconsidered due to the publicity…

I do like the argument raging about how christian they are…

Over 75? Sign: ready for death. GP’s ask older patients I’ll agree not to resuscitate order. Daily Mail.

Here we go.

No, we DO NOT agree.

Over my dead body takes on a new meaning.


5 Ways It’s Become a Crime to be Poor in America, Punishable by Further Impoverishment. Alternet.

Profoundly depressing and sad.

Inequality is very harmful for the super – rich as well.

The coalition’s legacy? The rich are richer and the poor are using food banks. The Independent.

The graphs say it all.–gJZJaiQfeW

Chernobyl, 29 years on: a race against time. Greenpeace International.

Time flies but the radiation just lingers on…

Nuclear will never be a totally safe option.