Over 50,000 families shipped out of London boroughs in the past three years due to welfare cuts and soaring rents. The Independent.

This has happened since the Coalition got into power and the cuts really started to bite.

First the bedroom tax with the stupidity that you can downsize except there is no smaller property available.  The harshness has meant parents have nowhere for children when they stay over and carers cannot sleep in.  The most bizarre has been that someone who is disabled and had a room and flat adapted for kidney dialysis cannot use a room to store his medical equipment.

Then the huge reduction in housing benefit, all other benefits and the soaring rent costs.

So then whole families are torn from their friends, neighbourhoods, schools, clinics, doctors and friends and dumped somewhere totally alien and isolated.

No wonder some are considering suicide.

Who cares?

Not the tories or their little yellow helpers.


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