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How Our Vengeful Society Destroys Vulnerable People. Alternet.

A very interesting long-term study of white and black women who have been incarcerated in Massachusetts.

Some very interesting conclusions for helping the women to stay out of prison and to keep their children by providing very cheap help and support.

Cassetteboy – Emperor’s New Clothes rap – YouTube

Very true!

Domino Chain Reaction – YouTube.

The tiniest is put in place with tweezers and the largest of 13 is over 100 pounds.  So just write Tories on it and your little finger knocks them down!

Empire and Colonialism : Rich Men in London Still Deciding Africa’s Future. Global Research.

Do Bill and Melinda Gates not realise such colonialism is quite out of fashion?

Guerrilla Journalism Opportunity.

Asking pertinent questions about debt in the run up to the general election.

Sharon Tate Murders 1969.

The Tate murders in 1969 dissected in detail.

A long read but very thorough.

What a difference the internet makes!

Click to access tate.pdf

Finland schools : Subjects scrapped and replaced with ‘topics’ as country reforms its educational system. The Independent.

Excellent news.  Time children enjoyed learning in a safe relaxed way.  Joyful learning is an excellent description.

Exactly what was happening in the 60’s and 70’s here until the Black Papers and Rhodes Boyson scuppered it all.

Executive for Weapons Manufacturer Admits Publicly That ‘Perceived’ Threats Are Great for Business. Alternet.

Some really excellent comments.  $555 bn looks like what???  The total of 15 other countries combined defence budgets.

How to stop this greed?  Huge taxes and hold the weapons manufacturers responsible for the death and destruction, trauma, stress, harassment and injuries as well as damage to the environment.

They would soon find other peaceful ways to make money!


Jewish Voice for Peace Petition.

Please sign to help bring pressure on Israel to decide whether it is a democracy and give justice to the Palestinians or an apartheid state.

TASS: Serbian public demands compensation from NATO for 1999 bombardments of Yugoslavia.

A game changer.  Sue NATO, prosecute the leaders for war crimes and sue the weapons companies for damage and huge compensation.

Bring it on!