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Ebola in Liberia. The Perspective of the Local People

This video is very well with watching and considering.  It is not right up-to-date but still valuable.

Katy Khaos on Ebola – Classic Problem-Reaction-Solution

Katy outlines and ponders on some questions and observations on the Ebola panic.

What she doesn’t mention is the reason for sending troops to West Africa to put up barbed wire when the desperate need is for good housing, clean water , soap, chlorine and sewage facilities as well as proper protection for their healthcare workers.

Now, this could have been funded years ago from all the billions being spent every month in bombing the houses and infrastructure in Syria.

I also remember that the House of Commons did not give permission to Cameron to bomb Syria.

Well, well, well.   No surprise there.

TTIP – an excellent article from Global research.

Many of us have spent a lot of time researching and reading about the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership now being negotiated between the EU and the US.  There were hundreds out on the streets all over Europe protesting at the lack of transparency, the secrecy and the leaks all worryingly about the power being given by the corporations to sue governments in secret if they tried in any way to protect their citizens by raising the minimum wage or by environmental protections.

This is all about putting profit above anything else and people are rightly concerned that this should never be the only criteria.  What are governments for if they do not protect the rights and freedom of their citizens and the environment?

Please read this article carefully and then contact your MEP if you are at all concerned and ask how they are going to vote on this.

How Women Are Bearing the Brunt of the Ebola Epidemic by Krista Walton Potter. Reblogged from Common Dreams.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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How Women Are Bearing the Brunt of the Ebola Epidemic

Published on
Monday, October 13, 2014
by Foreign Policy In Focus
How Women Are Bearing the Brunt of the Ebola Epidemic
Three-quarters of Ebola victims are women, with caretakers especially at risk.
byKrista Walton Potter

The Ebola crisis has highlighted the need for much deeper investment in the health, education, and empowerment of women and girls in West Africa. (Photo: European Commission DG ECHO / Flickr)
The deadliest Ebola outbreak on record is sweeping West Africa, with over 3,400 lives claimed already. The World Health Organization estimates that 20,000 additional cases will be reported by November. And women are being affected most severely. In fact, 75 percent of those who have died from Ebola are women.

“Women have been affected in so many, many ways. Even though the disease of course affects both men and women, women are at a disadvantage—period,” says Marpue Speare, executive director of the Women’s NGO Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL). “Women are on the front lines. They are the caregivers. Protective gear can be used to help, but women are dying from simple things that can be prevented.”

The need for caretakers is especially acute in rural communities where there are few health clinics, leaving women to feed, wash, and care for Ebola victims without even basic protections such as gloves, goggles, or masks, making them extremely vulnerable to contracting the virus. Women also participate in burial rites that require handling infected bodies.

Global Fund for Women is acting quickly to provide crisis support to some of our long-standing grantee partners in Ebola-hit communities in Liberia. Through these groups, we learn how women are being disproportionately affected by the outbreak.

Local Organizations Pick Up the Slack

“The crisis is the worst in the Liberia’s history after the civil upheaval that lasted for 14 years,” says Zaye Fanyean Zarweah of Give Them Hope, Inc., a Global Fund for Women grantee partner. “Everyone lives in fear not knowing who the next victim will be to this deadly virus. Some health workers describe an infected community or region as living near the gate of hell.”

Infection rates are rising in part because of a widespread lack of basic knowledge about the causes of the disease and how it is spread, as well as the reluctance of many to seek treatment, often out of fear. For this reason trusted community-led organizations that already have roots in affected areas play an especially important role. “[WONGOSOL] is working through our network members to tap into their own communities so that you don’t have to bring in people from the outside,” says Speare. “It works better because they have those relationships within the community. They know if a case is not yet reported, they know the right people to give them the right help. They respond better because they know one another—they are like family.”

With hospitals overwhelmed with Ebola patients, local organizations must pick up the slack, especially in rural communities. For example, WONGOSOL is setting up hand-washing stations in various communities that have been quarantined, and providing access to basic hygiene to families who cannot afford chlorine, soap, and sanitizer to prevent the spread of the virus.

Another Global Fund for Women grantee partner, the West Point Women for Health and Development Organization (WPWHDO), works in the urban community of West Point in the capital of Monrovia. WPWHDO has opened a mini care center that will meet the health care needs of people presenting symptoms but who have to wait days to be taken to the nearest hospital, a symptom of the country’s long-standing infrastructure problems.

“The country is still emerging out of war even though the war ended in 2003. There are extremely limited health facilities,” says Muadi Mukenge, the Global Fund for Women’s program director for Sub-Saharan Africa. “Women are not able to reach facilities, particularly women living in rural communities. There aren’t that many facilities to begin with, so you often have to go to another district or another province. More than 80 percent of the population lives under the poverty line, so money for transport is scarce. The health system itself is particularly weak and women are feeling the brunt of that.”

No Room for Maternal Healthcare

Even women who do not contract Ebola are at risk, as the current crisis has pushed the country’s health system to the brink. “Most hospitals and clinics across the country are closed for lack of protective materials and drugs,” says Zarweah of Give Them Hope, which works with women in rural Upper Nimba County, improving maternal health services through a health clinic it operates, and offering skill-based training and education to develop more women leaders in the community.

Maternal health services are especially important in the wake of the Ebola outbreak. With the already-insufficient healthcare facilities stretched even thinner as they try to care for the many infected Ebola patients, pregnant women are not able to access the care they need.

“As we speak, pregnant women and babies are very vulnerable, as no health worker is willing to touch patients, especially in the rural area in Nimba where we serve,” says Zarweah. “Pregnant women are left on their own to deliver themselves on bare roads on the street. Hundreds of people have died of the virus and many pregnant women and children have died for lack of attention and intervention.”

Survivors Left Behind

Global Fund for Women allies on the ground say Ebola is also taking a serious toll on survivors. “Ebola survivors are being stigmatized. If a family suffers from Ebola and they lost their loved ones because of the virus, people don’t want to associate with them,” says Speare.

Children orphaned by the disease are also stigmatized. Current reports estimate that 3,700 children have lost one or both parents so far due to Ebola. “People don’t want to associate with [the orphans] because their parents have died, and they are afraid the children have the disease,” Speare adds. “The children are also being isolated [by health workers] to make sure they are not infected. It is traumatizing for them.”

“Telling the community how to receive these people and accept them back into the community is a major issue,” says Speare. “With a situation like that they have lost everything. There is absolutely nothing when they get back home—no community and no support.”

How to Move Forward

The impact of the current Ebola epidemic on Liberians will be long-term. “In Monrovia, ambulances collect bodies every day from different communities. If you are here, you can see when people hear the sirens and see the ambulance go by, people on the sidewalk get very quiet and are very sad,” says Speare. “People who have survived have been neglected, and they are traumatized. Counseling needs to be taken seriously. Children who have lost their parents need to be supported. We need to look at women, specifically pregnant women, and caretaker women who need protective gear.”

In order to help women on the road to recovery after the crisis—and to prevent backsliding when the next crisis hits—experts say investments need to be made in women and girls’ health, education, and empowerment on a continual basis.

“The fragility of health services in Liberia is reflected in the fact that only 7 percent of the national budget is allocated to health, which translates to about $10 per person,” says Mukenge. “Liberia continues to count on donor aid for a large part of its health budget and services. Going forward, there is political will to improve the health sector, particularly in rural counties where the majority of poor women live, where there are proposed programs to train an adequate amount of health workers.”

Moving forward, outside funders and health organizations need to focus on strengthening local institutions over the long term instead of just focusing on short-term solutions. Says Mukenge, “As long as we have these issues—lack of infrastructure, lack of education, lack of access to healthcare, lack of gender equality, and the reality of foreign-imposed restrictions—then there is going to be another crisis further down the road. And once again it will be women who will suffer the most.”

© 2014 Foreign Policy In Focus

Foreign Policy In Focus guest columnist Krista Walton Potter is the digital communications and editorial manager for the Global Fund for Women.

Meanwhile, Whatever Happened to Al Qaeda?? by Bernie Suarez – Reblogged from Activist Post.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014
Meanwhile, Whatever Happened to Al Qaeda??

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Watching world events lately one cannot help but to wonder, whatever happened to the war in Afghanistan? Are U.S. soldiers supposedly still exchanging fire with Al Qaeda as (supposed) payback for 9/11? For a couple years I had been offering cash reward for anyone who can prove the war in Afghanistan to be a real “war” scenario; you know, the one with the video proof of the opposition actually firing back at our positions.

That’s right, for years I offered a cash reward for anyone who can prove that there is a real conventional war (like the Vietnam footage) going on in Afghanistan. Challengers needed only to show actual video footage of U.S. tank and artillery positions in place and firing on the enemy (Al Qaeda), then gather some concrete evidence (meaning video footage) of the Al Qaeda military resistance. What military resistance? The one that justifies the U.S. military’s long stay in Afghanistan.

To this day I’m not aware of any video evidence showing Al Qaeda’s tanks and artillery firing back at U.S. positions (i.e.proof of an actual war). The mainstream media has never produced evidence that would make a reasonable person logically deduce that there is an actual war going on in Afghanistan. Not video of U.S. military blowing up an building or a “target,” but an actual war with two participants firing on each other.
Even Fox News reported years ago that the U.S. was “helping” grow Opium

in Afghanistan, all the while no one has ever produced evidence of any actual war. Incredibly, despite years of evidence proving that there has never been any war (but instead an occupation) in Afghanistan, mainstream-media-watching Americans have blindly believed and accepted that somehow the world’s most powerful military (the U.S.) has been in an equally-matched war against the dangerous and powerful Al Qaeda military forces, thus rationalizing and justifying this long “war” and occupation in Afghanistan.

As the ridiculous ISIS script continues to play out in what I consider to be a psychological operation on Americans and the world, and as we now see ISIS tagged as the new military might to compete with the U.S. military, the question has to be asked: Where is Al Qaeda? What is Al Qaeda doing?

We know that ISIS was originally named “Al Qaeda in Iraq”, does that mean that members of Al Qaeda made a deal with the U.S. to fly to Iraq, created an Iraqi movement then switch their names to ISIL or ISIS? If so, how many Al Qaeda members switched groups? Is there any difference at all or just the location? How about the war in Afghanistan – which members of Al Qaeda are still fighting there?? Where is Al Qaeda and how come they are no longer in the news?

The origins of ISIS are fully exposed to anyone who is awakened, but what should we say about the official status of Al Qaeda? Or should I say, what would the establishment (and its mainstream media) have us believe about the 2014 current and official status of Al Qaeda? Is there room for logic and reason anymore in this crazy geo-political new world order scheme; or should we all just accept this craziness without asking simple questions? Notice I said simple questions not critical questions, because the questions we are asking are not trick questions or questions or forensics or science, they are simple straightforward questions. Where is Al Qaeda now? Do they no longer exist? If so, then when did they cease to exist and why is the “war” in Afghanistan still going on?

As the recent ISIS psychological operation on humanity rolls along , we (humanity) have to stop to ask these simple questions because these simple questions are the very things that will continue to expose the globalist criminals.

Here are some questions:
Why has Al Qaeda never attacked Israel?
Why do our politicians’ stated goals always seem to fit in nicely with Al Qaeda and ISIS?
Can anyone present a shred of evidence that proves that Al Qaeda is not ISIS?
Hey if ISIS acting alone, would it be possible for ISIS to attack Al Qaeda or vice versa?
How does Israel avoid having to deal with attacks from both of these groups?
Reason and Logic

As long as we (humanity) feel that there is something worth fighting for, we have an obligation to expose all this political theater, propaganda and monkey business being imposed on humanity. Sadly many Americans will never attempt to answer even one of these questions, and instead label these questions as nonsense, conspiracies, even anti-government propaganda. Sadly, too many Americans who are now deeply entrenched in the ISIS psychological operation won’t ever get beyond what CNN or Fox News and Sean Hannity tell them. Everything else are simply conspiracies. No thinking, no reasoning, no asking simple questions, no logic, no true journalism, no real reporting, nothing.

Digging and poking at the Al Qaeda psyop is one way to expose the ISIS psyop since it came first. Unfortunately, our government has control freaks who believe in imposing mass mind-control operations in order to corral the masses with fear and it is up to us to find creative and interesting ways to expose their lies and deceit. So today I want to know what did Al Qaeda do yesterday, where are they now, and why are they no longer being mentioned as a threat by the Western media WHILE the “war” in Afghanistan continues year after year.

By the way, has anyone seen the video evidence of ISIS overcoming the Iraqi army? How about the recent battles claimed by mainstream media – has anyone seen actual evidence of ISIS firing U.S. tanks and artillery weapons? Where are these videos? And, by the way, who trained ISIS to fire our tanks and Howitzers? Remember that having the weapons is not enough; you must learn how to use the weapons as well. U.S military cannoneers train for almost two months to fire Howitzers. Who trained ISIS how to fire U.S. military weapons?
Alternatively we should be asking: when will Americans as a whole have enough of this nonsense? When will we pull together to turn justice on the globalists and their phony patsy terror groups that change names all the time and always end up with U.S. weapons? When will humanity pull it together and see that, coincidentally, none of these engineered terror groups ever attack Israel yet they always seem to want to get their hands on U.S. civilians who are not part of their war? There are no accounts of any direct full military battles against U.S. military, and even now that the globalists are scripting this recent military battle against ISIS in Syria (as they did with Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan) we are being fed stories and reports from mainstream media sources without and real evidence of a war going on.

Al Qaeda has supposedly challenged the U.S. military to the tune of a 13-year war (and still counting) while naive and dumbed-down Americans blindly accept these bizarre statistics while consumed by sports and entertainment. Now ISIS is supposedly withstanding air strikes with ease, yet we are not told how they are doing it. ISIS even has the ability to embarrass the U.S. by showing up to the battlefield with sufficient ammunition; all the while the U.S. runs out of bullets. Imagine that, remember we’re talking the worlds greatest military here.

The fact of the matter here is that many of us have personally had enough of the ISIS psychological operation and we’re reminded (literally by an Al Qaeda commander here) that Al Qaeda is (was?) no different. The difference is that much more of humanity is awakened to the globalist plans and we are determined to fight back against these destructive psychological terror scripts imposed on us. Life is too precious to have to deal with “ISIS” or “Al Qaeda” or any Intelligence synthetic terror groups. We can’t afford to have a staged elimination of terrorism (Bin Laden death hoax) only to have a brand new terror organization conveniently funded and armed by the U.S., Israel and its Middle East buddies to wreak havoc on humanity while giving a pass to its creators.

I say let us roll with the ISIS operation like a good martial artist and use their ISIS psyop against them. Let’s all keep pushing to expose this ISIS agenda and hope for something to crack. The globalist agenda must crack, and it will crack. It is up to each and every one of us to see to it that the plan cracks. One way to help crack this plan is by sharing this message with someone, staying strong, keeping your mind clear, your eyes wide open and continue to view our current-day narratives in the context of history and known facts instead of the context of CIA-controlled mainstream media-guided emotion and propaganda.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


Disabled and becoming Self Employed – A Case Study

a very innovative scheme for helping those who need it.


This is my  first official post for Deaeper, the blog site for DEAEP  (Disability Enabling And Empowerment Project), and wearing my professional hat, I wanted to share my experience of  working with 3 other disabled people, collectively utilising our skills and experience to become financially viably self employed.  The following has been adapted from a letter I sent to Kate Green MP in response to Labour’s plan to turn around £8 billion overspend on disability benefits, and the suggestions at the end are specifically aimed at Government.

DEAEP is a charitable social enterprise that offers training and support to sick and disabled people, unemployed, and other vulnerable individuals. Our training experience enables participants to, knowledgeably and confidently, actively support others during times of extreme stress; this could be attending ATOS assessments and, or to participate in social and community engagement.

Our training programme has been specifically designed by sick & disabled people…

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Minister insists DWP is right to ignore reports of deaths linked to benefits

I think the comment, “This is the institutional rape of the most vulnerable in our society ” sums it up.

Politics and Insights


The new Conservative minister for disabled people has insisted that his department is right to ignore reports of deaths linked to the loss or non-payment of disability benefits.

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On becoming a full-time musician

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Daily Express censors letter from British Red Cross criticising it

About time someone spoke up for the asylum seekers!
Please share and spread round!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK gutter press)

The Daily Express – like most of the UK press – doesn’t like to be criticised.

And – like most of the UK press – it doesn’t like to give a right of reply to anyone, not even to respected organisations such as the British Red Cross.

That’s why the newspaper is refusing to publish a joint letter from the British Red Cross, Refugee Action and the Refugee Council which is critical of it.

This is the letter the Daily Express doesn’t want you to see. So please share it as widely as possible.

Dear Sir,

The stream of aggressive stories about asylum seekers appearing in this paper in recent days is of serious concern to all of us who work with and support people fleeing persecution.

Your readers would be forgiven for thinking the UK is being flooded by asylum seekers. This couldn’t…

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