A Developmentally Disabled 12 year-old is seized, cuffed and blindfolded by Israeli Soldiers

This inexcusable arrest by 3 Israeli soldiers in ridiculous battle gear is accompanied by the heckling, taunts and laughter of these illegal Israeli settlers.

Utter shame and sickness of barbaric, inhuman behaviour.

The President of Israel has just stated that Israel is sick. The recent bombing of unarmed women and children over 50 days killed over 2,000 people, 500 of them children and left trauma and chaos.

I think a good place to start to become civilised would be to withdraw from the West Bank and East Jerusalem immediately and lift the occupation of Gaza totally.

Then by exploring serious ways of offering right of return plus full compensation and serious peace negotiations on the setting up of a fully autonomous Palestinian State.

And Israel paying full compensation for the war crimes in Gaza and full reference for war crimes by the ICC.

That would be a start.  But there is a long, long way to go.

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