Latest Update on Ebola and weird happenings in Monrovia

Please watch this video.  There appear to be some people poisoning the water in wells with formaldehyde which apparently produces ebola – like symptoms.

Some good advice to put armed guards 24/7 on their wells and chase the bogus nurses off.

These people have a tough enough life.

How do they keep their houses clean when they are rotting and damp?  How do they wash their hands when there  is no clean water?  How do they treat cuts when they are preparing the bushmeat with disinfectant and clean dressings?  Apparently the bush meat is safe to eat as long as it is prepared safely and cooked well.

Oh, but if you go to the bush and get your own food how can multinationals make their millions in selling you fake food?

Oh, yes, of course there is all the money they should have had from the natural resources like oil, minerals and diamonds but the western corporations just stole them.


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