I have never agreed with Piers Morgan before and find him both irritating and arrogant.  I looked at his tweets expecting to find nonsense instead of which real wisdom so I apologise to him!  We need new leaders who will lead into peace.  I read and see the video of the 4 Palestinian children playing on the demolished beach in Gaza and see them deliberately shelled.  And when they run for shelter shelled again.  Dear God, what is wrong with the world where babies are blown to bits and toddlers shredded and lies told to cover it up?

There is a 3 year-old whose last words were he is going to tell God all about it.  I hope God listens and does something very soon.  However, in the meantime listen to this.  And if it doesn’t make you cry  and angry and sad perhaps we have all lost our humanity.


Yes, there is hope.  It must be sorted for the sake of the children so no more are blown to bits or born with horrendous deformities.



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