Why soaring wage inequality in the UK should worry everyone – Frances O’ Grady

The UK’s five richest families have a combined wealth of more than the poorest 20%.
Some other very telling statistics here.
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Posted 24 Mar 2014, by Frances O’Grady in Equality
Wage inequality has soared in parts of Britain since 2000. In this time the pay gap between the top tenth of earners in London and the bottom tenth has shot up by 14%. It may be worst in London, but it’s a trend over most of the country. In the South East, the earnings gulf has widened by 9% since 2000, and in the West Midlands it’s up 7%.
Only in Wales and the South West has there been any reduction in the pay gap. However, this is likely the result of top earners not doing as well as in other parts of the UK, rather than those at the bottom getting a better deal.

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