Cancer sufferer’s benefits are cut – and the chattering classes demonise HIM

I wish him the best of luck with his fight against cancer. I hope he recovers well and lives a long and happy life. But whatever happens he should not be harassed by the DWP and have his benefits cut. Wrong! Yes, opinions have been hardened and this is what we have to work on as well. Justice, empathy, fairness and compassion all should feature in his dealings with government in a civilised society. I hope he has a good advocate to fight for him.

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The vindictiveness of our Conservative-led government knows no bounds.

Not only has the government cut a man’s state benefits after he was diagnosed with cancer, but its supporters then attacked him in the local newspaper’s comment column – even though they knew nothing about his situation.

The gentleman concerned is Pete Woodcock of Scunthorpe who, according to a report in the Scunthorpe Telegraph, has been unemployed for around eight years.

Rather than sit around, he has spent his time volunteering in the community – for up to 40 hours per week – while also job hunting.

But when his doctors told him he had cancer, DWP officials cut his benefit money by 40 per cent (from £140 per week to £84). This is because attending hospital on both sides of the Humber meant he was unable to attend job clubs and had to claim a sickness benefit instead.


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