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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction

A very useful comparison and joining the dots…..

Inflation drop doesn’t mean wages will rise

Explains what is really happening instead of what the msm narrative of what is happening. This is exactly what is happening in America and makes me wonder if there will be any significant change after the next election.

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'For the privileged few': If you're earning the average wage of £26,500 per year, or less, then nothing George Osborne says will be relevant to you. ‘For the privileged few’: If you’re earning the average wage of £26,500 per year, or less, then nothing George Osborne says will be relevant to you.

Why are the mainstream media so keen to make you think falling inflation means your wages will rise?

There is absolutely no indication that this will happen.

If you are lucky, and the drop in inflation (to 1.7 per cent) affects things that make a difference to the pound in your pocket, like fuel prices, groceries and utility bills, then their prices are now outstripping your ability to pay for them at a slightly slower rate. Big deal.

The reports all say that private sector wages are on the way up – but this includes the salaries of fatcat company bosses along with the lowest-paid office cleaners.

FTSE-100 bosses all received more pay by January 8 than average workers earn in a year. Their…

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The truth about the bedroom tax. It costs the taxpayer MORE

And the misery it has caused let alone the death of Stephanie Bottrill.

Petition demands fibromyalgia test be fit to work

Please support and share. Having gone through this with my son suffering ME I fully endorse all the comments. Excellent people are standing up and fighting. Brilliant!! xxx

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The Department for Work and Pensions is being told to sort out its benefit assessment system after campaigners said it is rigged against people who suffer from Fibromyalgia.

The petition – ‘Change DWP Medicals for Fibromyalgia’ – may be found here.

Long-term readers will know that Fibromyalgia is one of the conditions suffered by Mrs Mike, partner of Vox Political writer Mike Sivier. She has hijacked this space to post the following message from the petitioners:

“In brief, the petition asks that Department of Work and Pensions medicals for Fibromyalgia be carried out by a qualified rheumatologist, and that the decision regarding the receipt of benefits not be based on the current point-scoring system.

“The full petition reads:

“‘We, the undersigned, call on the British Government to ask that DWP medicals for Fibromyalgia be carried out by a qualified rheumatologist, and that the decision made about the receipt of…

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One in the ear for Michael Gove


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Here’s one for all beleaguered teachers across Britain – but it’s for their pupils as well.

I was pointed towards this by another blog (alittleecon – look it up). It was posted less than a week ago but has already won a huge following, including many teachers.

I’d like to ask for school pupils to take a look at it too. If you’ve ever spent time in class waiting for the bell to ring and wishing your teacher would stop bothering you because you just don’t care, listen to this and understand why.

If enough school-goers saw, and heard, and listened to this poem, it might completely change their attitude to teachers and teaching.

And if enough parents saw, and listened, and thought about what this poem says – about their own lives and the lives their children can expect thanks to the worst-ever British government, perhaps it might…

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Jeremy Browne and the Neo-Liberal Lib Dems

Very interesting analysis. Those who live in Somerset take note!

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Jeremy Browne: The ‘Orange Book’ Liberal who wishes to privatise the Health Service and give even more tax breaks to the rich.

Jeremy Browne, the Lib Dem MP for the Somerset constituency of Taunton Dean, was interviewed briefly by David Garmston on the local news programme, Points West. Browne was in the papers earlier this week because of the policies he outlined in his book Race Plan: An Authentic Liberal Plan to Get Britain Fit for the Global Race. Amongst the policies he advocates are cutting the top rate of tax from 45 per cent down to 40 per cent, privatising the Health Service and replacing it with private medical insurance, and the introduction of education vouchers. Browne stated that these policies were necessary in order to make Britain competitive with the new emerging economies in the Developing World, countries which were pushing Britain further down the hierarchy…

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Thief stole trolley-load of shopping after his dole was stopped



> DWP – getting you off benefits and into a career in crime…

A thief snatched a trolley-load of goods from a South Tyneside store because his dole had been stopped, he said.

Thomas Hay was spotted by a store detective putting £131 of goods into a trolley and leaving Morrisons in Jarrow on January 21 without paying.

The 30-year-old was detained by security staff outside, and the goods were recovered.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was seen putting items in a trolley and went past all points of payment. He was detained outside.

“He was arrested and, when interviewed by police, said he did it because his dole had been stopped.”

Michelle Stonley, defending, said: “He was going to sell the items to pay for rent and food.”

Hay, of Perth Road, Sunderland, was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

He was also ordered to pay a…

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If Osborne’s critics are wrong, why did the economy do exactly what we said?

Excellent analysis in language we can understand! Sadly, not enough people realise the damage this financially illiterate man is doing.

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osborne embarrassed What an embarrassment: George Osborne should be ashamed of the rubbish he spouted in his speech yesterday (Friday).

George Osborne is flailing.

He’s a desperate man, trying vainly to convince us that the current state of the British economy was his plan all along when anybody with half a brain can see it wasn’t.

Yesterday he was in Washington, trying to convince Americans that he knows what he is doing, but US economists are far too canny to accept anything he says at face value.

His principal claim was that critics of what he and the ConDem inner circle still laughably call “the government’s long-term economic plan” have been proved “comprehensively wrong”. Some of us would like to see his proof of that.

Back in 2010, when Osborne took over at the Treasury, trashed a perfectly good Labour-stimulated recovery and sent the economy into freefall, those of us with any…

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Mark: State welfare is failing our citizens and food banks aren’t the answer

Yes, it’s back to the workhouse without the walls. Appalling and time we said no to this.

Ann McGauran

Mark Bothwell. Still in pain and waiting for the outcome of his employment and support allowance application. Mark Bothwell. Still in pain and waiting for the outcome of his employment and support allowance application.

A study presented earlier this week to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger and Food Poverty says the rise in food banks and charity food is a clear sign of the inadequate nature of social security provision and the way it is delivered. As reported in the Guardian, the report by Sheffield University researcher Hannah Lambie-Mumford warns of the danger of charity food becoming a fundamental part of, or even replacement for, formerly state-funded welfare.

As shown by Eoin Clarke here, by January this year the number of food banks in the UK had grown to more than 1,080. Give that number a bit more consideration. There are more food banks now in the UK than there are branches of Sainsbury’s. The experience of Mark Bothwell (pictured above), here at…

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‘Social cleansing’ of London is well under way – BBC documentary

Excellent post which really nails the appalling social cleansing going on in London. It is the landlords who receive outrageous rents for properties often very poorly maintained and crazy that wages cannot pay for rent or put food on the table.

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Cartoon by Martin Shovel. Cartoon by Martin Shovel.

Leading Conservatives must be delighted with the success of their benefit cap in getting single mothers and people with large families out of London – as depicted in the BBC Panorama special, Don’t Cap My Benefits, yesterday evening. (Thursday)

The change means that nobody in the UK is allowed to receive more than £26,000 in benefits per year. The government has claimed this is the same as the average family income, but readers of Vox Political will know that this is a flimsy lie and average family income is in fact more than £5,000 per year higher, at £31K+. The reason benefits weren’t pegged at that level is that far fewer people would be affected by it. Make no mistake – this measure was enacted to shift people from the capital.

The film shows the effects of the change on a number of families in Brent…

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