The Current Nonsense About Religion

What is religion? A way of controlling society and so cameron takes it on himself to co-opt it in the name of his heartless ideology.
And hopefully the church leaders will rise up and slate him and so will the congregations. Didn’t thatcher start this??


When Cameron, or a PR flunkie in his name, spooned out some stuff last week about how all Christian he is, the first assumption might’ve have been that it was seasonal padding: “Easter’s on it’s way Dave, lets knock together a few hundred words on how you like Jesus.”

The surface result – headlines about Jesus “Inventing” the so called “Big Society” was risible.

There are 2 main meanings to that stupid BS soundbite, one giving surface cover to the other. The first is a vapid, wooly message that can’t boil down to much specific beyond “Let’s all be nice”.

Jesus, for all his qualities, didn’t invent being nice.

The second function is an insulting blag for government not doing nearly as much as it used to in return for all the money we give them, not least because lots of that money is destined for banks and other vast…

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