Full Moon As The Sun Sets

I remember standing on the roof of a house on the edge of the desert in Jordan many years ago while the sun set as the full moon rose.

Today I saw a very different sunset and rising moon here in England at the end of a blustery, cold, spring day.

The jackdaws sailed over the trees, expertly using the strong wind to glide, bank, dip and drop.  The small birds use the nearby hedge and trees to shelter and then alight on the feeders.  They scatter and then return until there was a swift shadow passing rapidly over the garden which swooped into the edge of the tree where the small birds gather. The sparrow hawk had returned.  There was a deathly silence for quite a time until they gradually gained confidence and returned to chatter and feed.

By the end of the day the wind had completely dropped, the clouds disappeared and there was a beautiful, clear sunset.

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